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Why Marry Away?

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Many couples are passing on the idea of marrying in their home towns to tie the knot in more exotic locales.

But what is it about destination weddings that have made them the choice of so many? Below are a few points for you to consider when deciding upon traditional vs destination for your nuptials.




Many make the assumption that traveling around the globe to get married would be much more expensive than marrying at home. That assumption is generally wrong.

The traditional wedding will, on average, run the bridal couple about $30,000. It could be double that amount for those marrying in big cities. That does not however include the cost of a honeymoon after the big day (Roughly another $5,000 to $10,000).

Now consider a Wedding Day Away in a location such as The Bahama's, Jamaica or Mexico. The event will typically consist of a ceremony, reception and a week long honeymoon (You are already on location so why not?) with your board, food and drink included. All this for as little as $15,000 to $20,000.


Who's Invited

How many weddings have you been to where the couple, whose big day it is, don't know a number of their own guests? There is the inevitable pressure to invite long lost cousins, friends and business associates of your parents or dates your friends want to bring. Not only do you have to pay for these people, it makes the event less personal and enjoyable for the bride and groom.

Wedding's Away are different. Because of the distance, friends and family are less likely to be insistent on their own agenda's and more receptive to your desires. In short you can be guaranteed your "must haves" of your friends and family and throw out the B list that you didn't really want attending in the first place.

Ocean View


Something Different

Most of us have attended a number of weddings in our lifetime. Most are fairly similar in nature. A white wedding ceremony, food and drinks at a reception, a little embarrassing dancing from Dad and then we're off home. Quite often it's a little difficult to distinguish between weddings we've attended.

Not with yours. When reminiscing your guests will say... "Remember the "Smiths" wedding in Hawaii with the luau", or how beautiful the bride looked " on the beach in Cancun". A wedding day away will create a lifetime of unforgettable memories for you and your guests.


What's Your Flavor

We're all different. Different personalities, different dreams and different tastes. Your big day should be a reflection of who you truly are not the established norm'.

You can choose from ANY location in the world. Are you a girl who loves the sand under your feet and the wind in your hair? Well Hawaii, the Caribbean or Mexico could be for you. Do you dream about a Princess and a Knight in shining armor? Then consider ariving at your wedding in a horse drawn carriage to a Scottish Castle that will house your ceremony and reception. Let your imagination guide you.


Once In A Lifetime Locations

As much as we would like to believe we can travel to anywhere, at any time, the fact is many of us have obligations. Some professional, some monetary. Often these prevent us from visiting the Paradise Islands we see on television. A wedding away may be one of the few occasions you get to visit, witness and enjoy the beauty the world has to take this opportunity!

Running on the beach


A Vacation For Everyone

As well as being an opportunity for you to combine your wedding and your honeymoon, a wedding day away also provides your guests with a unique opportunity - to combine their attendance at your wedding with their annual vacation. Put another way, as much as your guests are happy to travel long distances to attend your nuptials for a day or two, it does not act as a vacation due to the short period of time spent at the typical home town location of the majority of weddings.

However if they could spend a week in paradise and mix that with your big day? Well, that could be a different matter altogether!


A Wedding AND a Honeymoon

Although it rarely happens in real life we've all seen in it on TV, the bride and groom jump in the back of a car, the car has tin cans tied to the back, and the newly married couple disappear into the distance, off on their honeymoon.

Well if you have a wedding day away, you're already there. Not only does that save you money, but it means you can spend more time with your friends and family.


Time For Everyone

Before your reception it's difficult to spend much time with any one outside of your wedding party. The average reception lasts roughly six hours. If you have 100 guests that's just under 4 minutes you have to spend with each of your invites. Yes you read that correctly, all those people who spent money to come and see your big day and you can only give each of them 4 minutes. That's if you get to speak to them at all.

A wedding day away is typically much more relaxed and you can have as many as 4 or 5 days to spend time with all those who have made the big effort to share in your special occasion.


Extended Union For Friends And Family

Following on from the previous point, your guests have much more time to enjoy the company of those that they typically would not get to see. Old college friends, family members who live great distances from one another, get the chance to catch up and re-ignite those old ties that time and distance may have dulled.


No Hassle, No Stress

It is said that the planning and the execution of a wedding is more stressful than anything else aside from having a child. Using Wedding Day Away to plan and execute your arrangements could mean you step off a plane, sign a few papers, turn to say your "I do's" and then enjoy your reception. How does that sound?


If you have never thought about planning a destination wedding click here to get the TOP TIPS in Destination Wedding planning.



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